Simhasana (Lion Pose)- Steps & Benefits

Simhasana (Lion Pose)

Simhasana is an important asana of yoga, which is done to improve the physical and mental health of a person.  This asana is done like the sitting of a lion, which gives it the name “Simhasana”.

Correct meditation and breathing is very important while doing the Simhasana.  Practicing it regularly improves physical and mental health.

According to Maharishi Gherand, Simhasana proves beneficial in removing all the disorders of the body.  With this asana, the spine gets expanded well and the body remains completely firm.  There is complete physical stability.  The weight of the body does not fall on any one part.

Steps Of Simhasana (Lion Pose)

♦ For the practice of Simhasana Yoga, sit on the floor by spreading a seat or mat and spread both the legs towards the front.

♦ Holding the right leg with hands, bend it from the knee and place it on the thigh of the left leg.  In the same way, hold the left leg with the hands, bend it from the knee and place it on the thigh of the right leg.

♦ Keep both the hands on the ground between the two legs in front and bend the body forward.

♦ Keep in mind that the part above the waist should be bent forward yet it should be straight at 90 degrees.

♦ Breathe in and out 3 to 4 times, thus bringing yourself to a state of relaxation in that position.

♦ Now look upwards with the eyes i.e. raise the pupils of the eyes.  Take out the tongue completely and make a sound like the roar of a lion from the throat.

♦ This situation is exactly like a roaring lion.  Stay in this state for some time, pay attention to the movement of breath.

♦ Now take the tongue in, normalize the eyes and allow yourself to relax.  Thus a cycle of the throne was completed.

♦ To repeat this cycle, raise the eyes again, stick out the tongue while roaring and focus on the breath.  At least complete 7 to 8 cycles in a day.

♦ Finally, straighten the body, straighten the hands and extend both the legs straight in front and relax.  If you want, you can also practice this asana while sitting in Padmasana posture.


Breathing- Breathing will be normal in the position of the Simhasana.  Inhale slowly through the nose.  After that Exhale through the mouth while making a sound.  When we exhale the breath by roaring from the throat and then inhale it again, then the breath is not to be drawn immediately.  After making the sound, hold the breath outside and simultaneously practice Jalandhar Bandha and nasal vision.

Time- It is said in the yoga texts that the practice of Simhasana should be done at the time of sunrise and while practicing, one should open one’s mouth while looking at the sun so that the rays of the sun enter the throat.  These rays reach the throat, tonsils, nerves and muscles of the throat and make them healthy and strong.

Duration- Do five repetitions daily for general health.  Do 10-20 repetitions for the treatment of special diseases.  After each repetition, the eyes, tongue and mouth can be relaxed for a few moments.

Awareness- on the breath while inhaling, the sound produced while inhaling and the effect on the throat.  Spiritually on Vishuddhi or Agnya Chakra.

Benefits of Simhasana (Lion Pose)

1. While doing Simhasana, Tribandha Siddhi is achieved, that is, all three types of Bandhas – Moolabandha, Jalandhara Bandha and Uddayana Bandha are automatically accomplished.

2. It makes a simple person as bold as a lion.

3. With this asana, more semen is produced and the ability to control the mind develops.

4. This asana gives benefits in the problems of mouth, teeth, jaw, throat and eyes. It is light-enhancing and celibacy benefits.

For those who cannot speak properly, have difficulty speaking, or whose voice is hoarse, not sweet, or stutter, and for diseases of the vocal cords of the larynx, tonsillitis, and mouth ulcers.  For this, the practice of throne is considered best.

This relieves the tension of the chest and middle septum.  This asana is also useful for depressed and introverted people.  This makes the voice vibrant and beautiful.  In this, the benefits of Shambhavi Mudra are also obtained.

Precautions for Simhasana (Lion Pose)

1.) Those who cannot sit with the help of their toes can complete the remaining activities in Vajrasana also.

2.) While sitting on the throne, some people place their hands on the ground instead of their knees.

3.) This asana should not be done when there is knee pain.

4.) Do not do this in throat pain.

5.) People suffering from severe back pain and balance related problems should not do this asana.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Simhasana?

Practicing this asana strengthens the muscles of the throat, which adds beauty to the voice.It strengthens the muscles of the face, which increases the glow of the face. Performing the throne reduces heat and stress, thereby reducing mental anxiety and increasing self-confidence.It also improves heart health as it helps in harmonizing the heartbeat.Simhasana strengthens the trachea and increases the capacity of the lungs.

What is Simhasana?

The throne is an asana of hatha yoga. In this asana, the face resembles the fierce image of a roaring lion with the tongue sticking out. That's why it is called 'throne'. This asana plays an important role in keeping the eyes, face and neck healthy.

Is Simhasana good for thyroid?

Yes, Throne (or Lion's Pose) can be beneficial for the thyroid. It can help stabilize the muscles in your throat area and help restore thyroid balance.

What is the duration of Simhasana?

You can do the throne from 20 seconds to 1 minute. You can increase it, but be careful in the beginning and increase gradually.

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