Tiryaka Tadasana Benefits & Steps

Tiryaka Tadasana

Tiryaka Tadasana is a yoga pose also known as palm tree shaking pose. It involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart and arms raised above the head and bending the body to either side. This pose helps improve flexibility and balance.

Tiryak Tadasana is a side bending posture. In this there is stretching on one side and contraction on the other side. While practicing this, the posture of the body looks like a folded palm, hence it is called Tiryak Tadasana.

Tiryaka Tadasana helps stretch the sides of your body, increases spinal flexibility and promotes balance and concentration. This is a beneficial pose for improving posture and relieving tension in the torso and spine. Strengthens and tones the muscles around the waist. Improves balance and concentration. Tiryaka Tadasana is a beneficial pose for individuals who want to increase lateral flexibility, promote spinal health, and develop mindfulness through controlled movement and breath awareness.

Steps of Tiryaka Tadasana

1.) Stand straight in a relaxed posture.

2.) Raise both the hands from the front till the shoulders and lock the fingers together.

3.) Open your legs, keep a distance of one to one and a half feet. Raise your hands upward.

4.) Move your hands upwards with the palms upside down.

5.) While inhaling, raise the right arms towards the head.

6.) While exhaling, bend from the waist to the left, do not bend forward or backward.

7.) In this posture your arms will remain parallel to the ears.

8.) While holding the breath, remain in this position for a few seconds, while inhaling, slowly return to the straight position.

9.) Repeat this process from the right side also.

10.) After getting better practice, you can practice it on the toes also.

Benefits of Tiryaka Tadasana

Tiryaka Tadasana, also known as palm tree shaking pose, offers several benefits:

♦ Spinal Flexibility: Promotes flexibility in the spine through lateral bending.

♦ Stronger core muscles: Activates core muscles, increasing strength and stability.

♦  Increased lung capacity: Encourages deep breathing, improves respiratory function.

 Stress Reduction: Helps relieve stress and tension by promoting relaxation.

 Stimulating the digestive organs: Slight pressing of the stomach stimulates the digestive organs.

 Increases blood circulation: Facilitates blood flow throughout the body, promoting overall circulation.

 Back pain relief: Stretching and strengthening the back muscles can help relieve mild back pain.

Shapely Waist: Targets and tones the waist and arm muscles.

♦  Mental Focus: Requires concentration, promoting mental focus and mindfulness.

♦  Energy Flow: Encourages smooth flow of energy throughout the body, promoting vitality.

As with any exercise, it is advisable to consult a qualified instructor or health care professional to ensure that it suits your individual needs and health condition.

Precautions for Tiryaka Tadasana

Ensure you warm up adequately before attempting the pose to prepare your body, especially the spine, for the lateral movement involved.

1.) This practice is prohibited for those who are suffering from hernia, back pain, high blood pressure, and any heart related problems.

2.) If you have cervical pain, it is advised that you leave the practice. People suffering from heart disease should not practice it.

3.) If you have back or neck pain then do not do it.

4.) Pregnant women should not do this asana.

5.) People who have had stomach surgery should not do this asana.

Don’t overextend or hold the pose for too long, especially if you are a beginner. Start with a shorter duration and gradually increase it as your flexibility improves.

Remember, it’s always advisable to practice yoga under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor, especially if you are new to the practice or have specific health concerns.

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