What is yoga therapy, its importance and benefits

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to make progress towards better health and well-being through the teachings and practices of yoga. Through this blog, we will know what is Yoga Therapy, and what are its benefits.

Yogic Medicine According to Ayurveda – various activities, resources and remedies that cure diseases are called ‘therapy’. Yogic therapy means the science of yoga, that is, prevention of disease through yogic activities is called ‘Yoga therapy’. The purpose of Yogic therapy is to treat various diseases by using all Yogic procedures like Asana, Pranayama etc.

All these processes have a specific effect on the subtle to gross functions of the body. Healthy and happy life is the first need of man. Not only physical but also mental and spiritual health is important. Because the cause of disease is not only the body but also the mind. That’s why it is necessary for a man to pay attention to his mental and spiritual health along with his body.

Yoga occupies a special place in Indian philosophy. Yoga has been an integral part of Indian culture and practice since ancient times. Yoga is the union of the soul with the Supreme Soul.

The body is like a factory, where useful elements are made, along with disorders also arise. It is necessary to remove them. Demolition also goes on inside the body. Old cells die, new ones continue to form. It is necessary for a person to make suitable arrangements for all these.

Regular, balanced yoga practice must be done for that. So that we do not become victims of diseases. For this, every person should walk, run or do yoga. There is no cost in this. You just have to take the time.

Importance of Yoga Therapy

if practiced in the path of Yoga Sadhana, diseases of the abdominal region such as indigestion, anorexia, indigestion, constipation, gas, sour belching, etc., are beneficial. Fatal diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease can be avoided by the diet mentioned in yoga. The feeling of peace and contentment naturally gets absorbed in life.

Yoga gives us mental strength along with physical prosperity. Due to which one gets relief from mental stress. Through yoga sleep and meditation, we can also increase our memory capacity. Yoga increases our efficiency and work capacity.

With yoga our body’s circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system and excretory system become functional. It has been proved by scientific tests that the diagnosis of physical dysfunction and ideological instability that occurs with the increase of age can be done by practicing yoga.

Through yoga we can remove our negativity. And can develop your curative power. Yoga therapy helps in attaining a good health.

Benefits of yoga therapy

(1) Digestive system-

Digestive system remains correct by yoga practice. The body remains healthy, light and energetic. Along with this, a person stays away from diseases like heart disease.

(2) Depression-

If a healthy person continues to do yoga regularly, all the glands of the body are affected, due to which the flow of hormones is in a systematic quantity. A person’s thoughts change, he remains happy. He does not have violent, angry or aggressive thoughts. Does not have inferiority complex, does not go into depression. The practice of yoga leads to the paramount development of a person.

(3) Bones-

The spinal cord is an important bone of the body. All the bones of the body depend on this. By doing continuous yoga, the spinal cord becomes flexible and strong, apart from this, the bones of the hands and feet also remain flexible, due to which falling from a small place or minor accident never leads to fracture.

(4) Muscles-

The muscles of the body get strength by doing the asanas. Due to this, where the weak people become cheerful, the fat people remain lean and healthy. It is necessary to keep the muscles strong and healthy because it gives strength to the internal organs and also improves the blood vessels.

(5) Arteries-

By doing the asanas of yoga, the blood vessels also remain flexible, due to which the blood reaches the heart easily and it remains healthy. The blood also remains clean by this action. Apart from blood vessels, other types of nerves and arteries also remain strong and benefit the lungs, brain and eyes.

(6) Nerves-

Our subtle nerves become tight through muscle-yoga. Due to which the blood circulates and the body remains free from diseases.

(7) Diabetes-

Pancreas remains active by doing asanas and pranayama. Insulin is made in the right amount, due to which a healthy person never gets diabetes.

(8) Obesity-

Yoga practice as well as paying little attention to food and drink reduces body fat. The body becomes healthy, shapely, beautiful and flexible.

(9) Pulse- 

Yogic asanas increase muscle power, which also increases pulse power. The body becomes light and energetic like cotton. The mind becomes calm.

(10) Memory-

Yoga practice is very important for healthy students. By doing this, memory increases because the nerves are strengthened by Sarvangasana. Blood reaches the brain, that memory power increases. Fatigue goes away, back pain subsides. Students must do yoga practice. It has many benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of yoga therapy?

Any disease can be cured by the asanas of yoga. Yoga provides a healthy and powerful life by removing bodily waste and poison.

What do you understand by Yoga therapy?

Yogic therapy means the science of yoga, that is, prevention of disease through compound activities is called 'Yoga therapy'.

Importance of Yoga therapy?

Healthy and happy life is the first need of man. Yoga asanas help in controlling the body, mind and soul. Many yoga poses are performed to reduce physical ailments or pain.

Yoga therapy for mental health?

Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and guided imagery are used to improve mental health.

How yoga therapy is done?

Yoga therapy is practiced in a wide range of formats is done in Yoga therapy includes elements of both therapeutic modalities and psychotherapy.