Benefits of Tadasana & How to Do it


This asana makes the person stand in the form of a date palm or a palm tree.  That’s why it is called ‘Tadasana’.

By doing this yoga, the height increases.  Along with this, the digestive system is strengthened, blood circulation in the body is done properly, knees, ankles and arms are strengthened.  This is a simple asana, which is very easy to do.  Tadasana is a very beneficial yoga from the point of view of health.

Tadasana is an important posture of yoga in which the body is tied by standing straight.  In this asana, one has to stand tall by supporting the middle points of the feet, due to which all the muscles of the body get stretched.

This asana provides a sense of surrender and stability to the body and strengthens the muscles of the spine, back, neck and legs.  Tadasana also helps in stabilizing mental peace and harmony options.

How to Do Tadasana?

Tadasana is important for good health of the body. Here’s how to do Tadasana:

1. Stand straight with your legs slightly apart.

2. Now join the hands in the posture of Namaste and take them above the head.

3. Keep in mind that both hands are passing near both your ears.

4. Now without lifting the legs, pull the fingers and torso towards the sky.

5. Don’t forget to breathe with this stretch.

6. Try to hold the stretch for a while.

7. In the end, slowly bring the hands down and come back to the normal position.

In the beginning, spend 10-10 seconds in all the three phases of this exercise, that is, total 30 seconds.  Later, the time and number of exercises can be increased as per convenience.  If you have exercised three times in the first week, you can do it four times in the next week.

Benefits of Tadasana

(1) The best exercise is to increase height.

(2) Gives stability to the body.

(3) Strengthens muscles.

(4) Make a seat with slip disc necessary.

(5) Beneficial for women.  Especially beneficial for women in the initial months of pregnancy (they have healthy children).

(6) Necessary for the process of Shank Prakshalana.

It gives a stretch on the waist and chest while extending the arm parallel to the easy shoulder.  Gives effect on the muscles of the calf and thighs while raising the heels slightly.  When the arms are stretched upwards, it affects the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen as well as the muscles of the anus and genitals.  The muscles of arms, legs and thighs get good exercise.

By stretching the chest, the muscles of the heart get strengthened, the power of the lungs increases, by stretching the abdomen, the process of digestion and excretion improves.

By practicing this asana, hands do not tremble even in old age.  There is no problem in writing or holding anything, the legs do not waver while walking.

 It helps in easy height gain till the age of 25 when the body is developing naturally.  It also easily increases enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Precautions of Tadasana

Do not do this easily if you have severe headache, nausea or dizziness and low blood pressure.

Do the action by giving weight on the toes of both the feet simultaneously and pay attention to the balance.  After this, do any asana related to Shirshasana.


In full posture look up and mentally think that some object is placed above and we are about to catch it.  By doing this, many benefits are automatically obtained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tadasana and it's benefits?

Tadasana is a yoga asana which is also known as 'Mountain Pose'. This asana is performed to promote a sense of stability, sociability and focus. It has many benefits, such as promoting strength and stability, strengthening the muscles of the legs, promoting breathing power, and reducing coordination tension.

Which time is best for tadasana?

The best time to do Tadasana is in the early hours of the morning, when the atmosphere is pure and peaceful. It can help to boost freshness and energy at the start of the day.

How tadasana helps in increase height?

Tadasana is seen as helping in increasing height as it can aid the body's nutrition process. It can help you look taller by correcting your body position, besides keeping the spine straight and improving nutritional flow. If you do it regularly and do it correctly, it can improve height.

What is the duration of tadasana?

The duration of Tadasana may vary depending on your body condition, adequacy and your habits. In general, you can do this for 20 seconds to 1-2 minutes. Start slowly with ease and then you can increase it.

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