Gorakshasana (Cowherd Pose)- Benefits & Steps

What is Gorakshasana?

Gorakshasana, also known as Gorakhnathasana, is a yoga asana consisting of a seated posture with the feet in a specific position and the hands placed in a particular way. It has been specifically named after Yogi Gorakhnath.

This asana is associated with meditation and is helpful in obtaining physical and mental benefits, such as promoting stability and concentration. As with any yoga asana, it is important to practice it with proper guidance and awareness of your body’s limitations.

It is said that Guru Gorakshanath (Gorakhnath) often used to meditate while sitting in this asana, that is why this asana has been called Gorakshasana.

Keep the toes of both the feet hidden between the thighs and knees and hold both the heels with both the hands and concentrate on the throat and focus on the tip of the nose. This Gorakshasana is going to provide success to Yogis.

Actually it is a practice of meditation. While doing this exercise, when the eyes remain closed, then meditation is done on the symbol. In this the mind gets concentrated immediately, because the state of the body becomes such that the mind does not wander. It gets concentrated in the nostrils, there is no other solution for it.

What is the history of Gorakshasana?

Gorakshasana has its historical roots in the Nath tradition of yoga, named after the famous yogi Gorakhnath, who is believed to have played an important role in its development. Gorakhnath is considered a major figure in the Nath tradition along with his guru Matsyendranath.

Nath Yogi was known for his focus on Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. Gorakshasana, as a specific asana, is part of this tradition and is said to be linked to the practices taught by Gorakhnath.

Like many yoga asanas, Gorakshasana evolved over time through a combination of spiritual insights, practical experiences, and teachings passed from teacher to student within the Nath tradition. It continues to be practiced today as part of the rich heritage of yoga.

How to practice Gorakshasana?

1.) Sit with both legs extended in front.

2.) Bend the knees, bring the soles together and lift the heels up.

3.) The knees and toes remain on the ground. In this, the pelvic region, buttocks and genitals remain behind the heels.

4.) The hands are placed behind the buttocks in such a way that the fingers remain outside, the body is tilted towards the front and raised so high that the feet become perpendicular to the ground.

5.) Crossing both the wrists in front of the navel, hold the left heel with the right hand and the right heel with the left hand.

6.) Keeping the spine straight, look ahead.

7.) In this state, practice of Jalandhar Bandha and nasal drishti is also done.

8.) Sit for as long as you can comfortably while breathing normally.


There are two centers for concentration here. The first center is Muladhara and the second center is Vishuddhi. Initially meditation is done in Muladhara, but when you can sit comfortably in that position for a long time without any physical pain. Your attention can get diverted from the body, then concentration is done in Vishuddhi Chakra and this asana is called Gorakshasana.

Benefits of Gorakhsasana

♦ By practicing this asana, control over reproductive senses, sexual desire and semen ejaculation is achieved.

♦ This makes the legs much more flexible.

♦ This Asana helps in bringing the state of meditation by making the effect of Apana upward.

♦ This asana is also practiced to concentrate the mind and achieve the state of Dharana.

♦ Many diseases are cured by the contraction of the throat.

♦ This asana affects the spermatic glands, hence it is useful for sleep disorders and semen protection.

♦ Gaurakshasana relieves women’s uterine problems and menstrual problems like dysmenorrhea etc.

♦ This asana gives relief in problems like back pain, fatigue like pain in thighs, pain in calves, burning sensation in soles etc.

Precautions for Gorakshasana

This asana is prohibited for people suffering from knee swelling, pain etc., overweight people and high blood pressure and heart patients. Women should not do asanas during pregnancy and menstruation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the spritual benefits of Gorakshasana?

The spiritual benefits of Gorakhsasana can help balance the human body, mind, and spirit. Through this asana, the energy of the body can be increased and the experience of mental peace is achieved.

What is the other name of Gorakshasana?

Another name for Gorakshasana is Cowherd Pose.

What is Gorakshasana in Padmasana?

Gorakshasana is a yoga asana in Padmasana, in which you have to sit in Padmasana and position yourself in Gorakshasana.

What is Gorakshasana in English?

Gorakshasana is commonly known as Cowherd Pose in English.

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