Chakrasana (Wheel pose)- Benefits&Steps

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

A round object is also called a chakra. In this asana, the shape of the practitioner starts to look like a round circle. That is why it is called  ‘Chakrasana’. If this asana is done after or before Dhanurasana, then both the asanas complement each other. Often people do not maintain their physical condition properly, due to which the flexibility of the spine decreases and pain is experienced in the back, waist and shoulders.

This asana is committed to remove these troubles. It is a difficult seat. Perfection comes with practice.

The practice of Chakrasana yoga is considered relatively difficult. Special skill is necessary to do this, otherwise there can be a risk of injury.

It is advised to do this exercise under the guidance of an expert. Chakrasana is considered beneficial for both physical and mental health.

Benefits of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

♦ It is a great asana to make the whole body flexible and strong, especially the waist.

♦ By destroying all abdominal diseases, it intensifies the digestive power and removes difficult constipation.

♦ The back of the practitioner of this asana never bends in old age.

♦ The spine becomes flexible, healthy and strong. If there is any deformity in the spine, gradually increasing the roundness makes the vertebrae healthy, strong and fully capable.

♦ With this asana, all the joints, ligaments and muscles of the toes, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, stomach, back, shoulders, arms, neck etc. get good exercise and all remain healthy.

♦ In some diseases, hands, legs, neck or head keep moving, especially in the weakness of old age. This fear can be removed by practicing Chakrasana.

♦ Regular practice of this asana prevents wrinkles on the face and wrinkles on the skin of the body. Darkness of hair, shine and luster on the face and attractiveness can be maintained.

♦ Makes the body shapely, sorts out excess fat.

♦ Slip disc improves the habit of hunching over or slouching from the shoulders.

♦ Makes the mood of the seeker healthy.

Process of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

1.) Lie down on the back with your legs extended on the carpet.

2.) While bending the knees, place the heels near the buttocks.

3.) Keep the palms on the ground beside the head (keeping the elbows upwards).

4.) Now lift your waist upwards and bring the body in the shape of a semicircle.

5.) Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Keep breathing normal.

6.) Now slowly keep the shoulders from the ground; Later, keep the back, waist and buttocks also on the ground.

7.) Now bring the hands to normal position. Then straighten the legs one by one.

8.) Now keep lying on the ground till the breathing becomes normal.

9.) Let the process of breathing go on as the body wants; Don’t fall into trying to do more or less on your part. Pay more attention to currency.

10.) You can do this asana up to four times simultaneously. After good practice, the seeker also holds the heel with his hands; Then it becomes Chakrasana.

Precautions of Chakrasana (Wheel Pose)

♦ Don’t do it when you are pregnant and feeling weak.

♦ Chakrasana should be practiced only by holding the breath inside.

♦ People suffering from ulcer, hernia, back and spine disease should not do this.

♦ Due to haste, sprain or breakage can also occur in the spine or in the muscles of the waist.

♦ Take care of balance while doing asanas. Too much weight on one leg or arm can cause muscle strain or pulse pain.

♦ People suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure or stomach-abdominal wound etc. should not do this asana.

♦ If there is an injury somewhere in the body, then act according to the doctor’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Chakrasana?

It is a great easy way to make the whole body, especially the waist, flexible and strong. It is very beneficial for abdomen, back, stomach and reproductive organs. Beneficial for internal diseases of women. Cures air diseases. Reduces obesity. Strengthens the thighs, spine and arms. Increases the brightness of the face.

What are the steps of Chakrasana?

Lie down on the ground on your back. Now bend both the legs and touch the ankles to the buttocks and keep both the hands near the ears in such a way that the fingers remain towards the feet. Now, while slowly giving weight towards the head and inhaling, raise the whole body from the middle part. So do Kumbhak. Stay in this state for some time. While coming back to the original position, exhale and first rest the head on the ground, then bring the body down.

Who should avoid doing Chakrasana?

Do not do it when you are pregnant and feeling weak. People suffering from ulcer, hernia, back and spine disease should not do this.

Does Ckakrasana reduce belly fat?

Chakrasana is in the shape of a circle. In this asana, we mold the body in the same way, due to which there is a stretch from the spine to the abdomen. This also reduces belly fat and also removes obesity.

Can Chakrasana increase hight?

Chakrasan, Tadasan, Surya Namaskar help in increasing the height. When done carefully with the right breathing technique, we can definitely see the benefits.

How many minuts for Chakrasana?

In the beginning it should be done for 10 to 15 seconds. With practice you can even hold for 2 minutes.

Is Chakrasana for obesity?

Chakrasana is very beneficial for reducing obesity.

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