Utkatasana (Chair Pose)- Benefits & Steps

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

It is best to practice this yoga first thing in the morning.  But if you cannot work out in the morning, it is okay to practice it in the evening as well.

Let us know how Utkatasana or chair posture is done and what precautions you need to take while practicing it.

While doing this asana, the shape of the seeker becomes like a chair.  Hence it is also called ‘chair pose’.  The person appears to be in a fit of rage.  Hence it is also called fierce or Ugrasana (Fierce pose).  Utkat means intense.

Utkatasana Yoga is also known as Chair Pose which is very helpful in strengthening the muscles of arms, legs, thighs and shoulders.  This asana helps in improving balance, promoting heart health, toning the abdomen and thighs.

This asana strengthens your entire body, especially the back, legs, and hips.  It improves your static posture and develops stability.  Doing Utkatasana regularly benefits physical and mental health.

Steps of Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Utkatasana is done in the following way:

♦ Stand straight in Tadasana.

♦ Keep some space between the heels.

♦ Pull the stomach in, push the chest out.

♦ Keep shoulders and upper arms down.

♦ Take a deep breath and stretch your arms above your head.

♦ Now bend your body as if you are sitting on a chair.

♦ Extend the arms in front of the chest in line with the shoulders.

♦ The palms will remain parallel to the ground.

♦ Finally, straighten the knees, lower the arms and stand straight in Tadasana posture.

♦ Do this for an easy half to 1 minute.

Benefits of Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

1. Strengthening muscles: This asana strengthens the muscles of your entire body, especially the legs, thighs, and hips.

2. Strengthening core muscles: This asana helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles, thereby increasing your core strength.

3. Stability and Balance: Utkatasana helps develop your balance and stability, allowing you to be more stable in daily routines.

4. Certainty and a stable mindset: The practice of yoga’s mindful breathing and working with time can provide stability and solace to your mindset.

Other benefits are as follows:

5. Provides relief from symptoms like flat feet.

6. Heart, diaphragm and pelvic organs get benefits.

7. This asana creates balance between body and mind.

8. Suitable for increasing concentration.

9. The mind gets refreshment.

10. Helpful in reducing obesity.

11. The spine gets strength.

Precautions of Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

1.) People suffering from headache, insomnia, knee pain, arthritis, knee injury etc. should not do this asana.

2.) Women suffering from lower back pain and suffering from menstruation should do this asana very carefully.

3.) Don’t try to sit on the ground the first time.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the purpose of Utkatasana?

The purpose of Utkatasana is to improve physical and mental health. This asana helps to strengthen the muscles, promote stability and balance, correct the lumbar spine by supporting the back, and stimulate the digestive tract. Along with this, it can also help to promote self-restraint and reduce mental worries.

What are the benefits of Utkatasana in pregnancy?

Utkatasana strengthens the back muscles during pregnancy, which can reduce back problems. Utkatasana can help increase the flexibility of the muscles of the knees, back, and arms, thereby maintaining the flexibility of the body. Utkatasana in pregnancy helps to promote self-control and reduce mental worries.

What mucels are used in Utkatasana?

Hamstrings (back thigh muscles): This is a group of five muscles located in your back thigh. Gluteus (posterior anal muscles): This helps to boost the strength of your posterior anal muscles. CORS (abdominal muscles): This helps in providing stability to your abdominal muscles. Back muscles: It helps in providing stability to your back muscles.

What is the duration of Utkatasana?

You can maintain the asana for 20-30 seconds in the beginning and then gradually increase it. You can maintain this for 1-2 minute

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