Guptasana Benefits & Steps

What is Guptasana

Guptasana, also known as Hidden or Secret Pose, is a yoga asana that involves sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position with the spine straight. The hands are placed on the knees, palms facing down, and the eyes are closed.

This pose is often used for meditation and introspection, promoting a sense of inner calm and focus. It’s a simple yet effective posture for cultivating mindfulness and mental stillness.

‘Gupta’ means confidential or hidden. This asana is beneficial in many types of problems related to sexual disorders, that is why it is called Guptasana. Various types of sex problems can be solved by practicing this asana. Various types of diseases like nocturnal emission, semen dysfunction, semen instability, urinary diseases, anal diseases are cured by its practice.

How to Do Guptasana?

♦ You sit on the ground in such a way that the heel of the left foot remains in contact with the anus.

♦ After that, lift your buttocks and place your left foot on top of the right foot in such a way that the toes remain hidden under the thighs of the left foot.

♦ While sitting, keep your hands below your knees.

♦ Your spine should be straight.

♦ Inhale slowly and then exhale slowly.

♦ Adopt this asana as per your convenience and then gradually increase its duration.

Benefits of Guptasana

Guptasana is not so prominent or famous as compared to other asanas. Therefore people do not know much about it. Guptasana is also known as hidden pose. This asana is capable of relieving you from many diseases. Apart from being beneficial for your eyes, this asana also enhances the beauty of the skin.

By practicing it regularly, your body posture also improves. Have you ever tried this asana? If not, then through this article we will tell you about some of its benefits. Let us know the benefits.

1.) Helps in Reducing Stress

Although there are many other asanas to reduce stress, but Guptasana especially frees you from stress by controlling your thoughts. By practicing this yoga asana regularly for 15 to 20 minutes, your stress level reduces to a great extent. It is also considered very helpful for people suffering from depression and anxiety. If you are also troubled by this problem then practice this asana daily.

2.) Helpful in Following Brahmacarya

This yoga not only benefits you mentally but also gives you many benefits physically. With the help of this asana you become capable of following celibacy. It curbs all the bad thoughts coming in your mind. By following celibacy you develop a source of energy in yourself. For this, it is important that it be practiced daily with concentration.

3.) Helps in Improving Posture

Guptasana also improves your posture while sitting and standing. It also cures body pain like pain in muscles and joints etc. While doing this asana, you have to maintain coordination of your waist and spine. Practicing while sitting in this position improves the posture of the body and maintains the strength of the spine and also provides relief from back pain.

4.) Relief in Urinary Infection

Guptasana also relieves you from urinary tract infections. Generally, this infection can also occur due to coming in contact with bacteria or using public toilet. In such a situation, to get rid of it, you can take the help of Guptasana. For this, do this asana regularly.

5.) Helpful in improving eyesight

Guptasana also proves to be very effective in improving your eyesight. With its regular practice you can also remove your eye glasses. Although it is not completely proven that practicing this will definitely remove your glasses, but it is quite effective in improving your eyesight.

6.) In the treatment of nocturnal disorder

This asana cures nocturnal disorder in soldiers.

7.) To increase the power of celibacy

If you want to follow celibacy then do Guptasana. By regular practice of this asana, celibacy power develops in a few days.

8.) Increases internal strength

Practicing this asana provides internal strength to the body.

9.) Guptasana for face

If you want to enhance the beauty of your face then practice this asana. It is effective in bringing glow to the face and skin.

Guptasana Precautions

(1) Avoid taking it easy if you have knee pain.

(2) Do not practice this asana even if you have any injury in your feet or heels.

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