What is meditation, and its benefits


The act of concentration or contemplation on a subject or object is called ‘meditation’. Meditation is the seventh place in Ashtanga Yoga. While worshiping God, when the stage of dharna is in the lotus of the heart. Then the soul becomes engrossed in the Supreme Soul, God is interviewed and the soul forgets the subjects of the world and reaches near the Supreme Soul.

Meditation is to free the mind from the disturbing emotions, thoughts and desires. Meditation is such an activity which helps in attaining peace and stillness right from the beginning.

Through meditation one becomes free from fickle desires, reactions of different types of thoughts and emotions arising in the mind. His mental and emotional environment is purified and he experiences a sense of inner exhilaration and joy.

Through meditation the intellect, emotion and will are integrated. Through meditation the superconscious mind is transmitted to the higher planes. Thus it can be said that meditation is the process by which the mind is first concentrated and then expanded into a state of self-enlightenment. In this lies the influence of a subtle but definite consciousness.

Innumerable imaginations and thoughts go on simultaneously in our mind. Due to this, there is a commotion in the mind and brain. We don’t want to, yet it goes on. You are making yourself less and less weak by thinking continuously. Meditation is removing unnecessary imagination and thoughts from the mind and going into pure and serene silence.  As the meditation deepens, the person starts getting situated in witnessing. He is not affected by any emotion, imagination and thoughts even for a moment. Living in thought, imagination and inner happiness and sorrow is against meditation.

what is the purpose of meditation

The main purpose of meditation is to bring stability in the mind which is often absent in the mind and gets easily distracted. An unstable mind is not capable of diagnosing and solving any problem. On the contrary, it complicates the problem more.

Mental peace is needed by everyone, which is not possible if there are desires. Our infinite desires are the cause of mental disturbance. While living in human society, his mind always remains fickle. If you want peace while living in human society, then you will have to take the help of meditation. Otherwise he will run away from situations and problems.

One should decide to practice meditation for at least 20 minutes daily. In a comfortable posture, keeping the head, neck and spine in one line, sit on a chair or on the floor in Padmasana, Siddhasana or Sukhasana. Take a deep breath and exhale once or twice, which will bring physical relaxation. Sit still for a few minutes and feel the peace. If we have a devotional nature, feel the divine presence and blessings.

Practice meditation once or twice daily for optimum results. Make it an integral part of your life. The general form of meditation is the dispersion of mental potential Is to be stopped and employed at a center. Much of the Circus Maze games rely on concentration. In games like walking on a rope, jumping from one place to another on a swing, only the miracles of concentration are visible. Those who do important work adopt this knowledge. This is the miracle of meditation.

how to meditate?

Beginner’s method of meditation

Initially, sit in Siddhasana, close your eyes and keep the right hand on the right knee and the left hand on the left knee, keeping the reed straight, take a deep breath and exhale. Pay attention to this movement of breaths for just 5 minutes, how far this breath goes inside and then how far this breath comes out.

Enjoy the silence completely inside. When silence happens, the witnessing spirit arises in the person. Information is a useless activity of the body and understanding is the nature of the mind.

Doing the following activities before meditation helps in meditation           

(1) Proper mental environment 

(2) Relaxation

(3) Suitable Yoga asana

(4) Pranayama

Physiological Benefits of Meditation

♦ It increases blood flow, and slows down the heart rate.

♦ The body goes into a deeper level of relaxation.

♦ Good for people with high blood pressure.

♦ This reduces oxygen consumption.

♦ Decreased muscle tension.

♦ Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.

♦ Boosts the immune system.

♦ Decreases the activity of emotional distress. And

♦ increases strength and enthusiasm.

♦ The fall in cholesterol levels lowers the risk of heart disease.

♦ Better flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing.

♦ Significant relief from asthma.

♦ Harmonizes our endocrine system.

♦ Meditation gives relief in headache and migraine.

♦ Meditation protects the body from harmful substances.

♦ Meditation brings light and sharpness on the face.

Benefits of meditation 

(1) Increases concentration-

Every work done with concentration increases the chances of getting success. Energy is stored in the body only when the body gets time to increase energy. Meditation gives the body time to collect mental and physical energy. Concentration increases only through meditation.

(2) Brain is developed Right-

Meditation is also very beneficial for the development of the brain. The reason for this is that with its help one gets rid of mental problems like stress, anxiety problems and depression. This strengthens the brain’s ability to function.

(3) Improves heart health-

Meditation helps in reducing the main causes (stress, anxiety and blood pressure) for heart disease Benefits of meditation prevent heart diseases.

(4) Slip Improvement in sleep patterns-

Meditation improves sleep. Daily meditation cures sleep disorders.

(5) Reduces stress-

Meditation helps us a lot to reduce stress. Usually, mental and physical stress is the reason for the increase in the level of the hormone. Stress creates many harmful effects in our body due to which it affects our sleep, sadness, anxiety and blood pressure. But meditation improves stress-related conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome, a stress disorder.

(6) Helps fight addictions-

The mental discipline you can develop through meditation. It can help you break your addiction by increasing your self-control and awareness of triggers for addictive behaviors.

(7) Increases self-awareness-

Some forms of meditation help you to become aware of yourself. Developing a strong sense of self can help you grow into your best self.

(8) Promotes emotional health-

Some forms of meditation can lead to better self-image and a more positive outlook on life. While meditation can improve symptoms of depression, meditation can reduce symptoms of depression in people receiving therapy.


Meditate in a clean and calm environment. It is forbidden to sleep while meditating. There is a lot to think about while meditating. But thinking ‘why I am thinking’ stops the thinking for a while. Focus only on the breath and make a resolution that for 20 minutes I want to make my mind zero.

Ultimately, the meaning of meditation is to pay attention to everything that is related to our life. On the body, on the mind and attached to the surroundings. On the body, on the mind and on whatever is happening around. On the activities of thoughts and on feelings. With a little effort to pay this attention, we can move towards nectar one step at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of meditation?

removes anxiety, sleeplessness and depression, removes negative emotions. Enables us to manage stress. Strengthens emotionally and mentally.

What is the power of meditation?

It cures mental diseases. Many types of diseases of your body will go away and you will always be healthy. You will always feel happy and fresh.

How many minutes to meditate in 1 day?

Generally 20 minutes of meditation daily is sufficient.

What happens if you meditate daily?

1, Meditation fills the mind and brain with a lot of energy and positivity. 2, The diseases caused by anxiety and stress will be eradicated. 3, Breathing- If the breathing is correct, the emotions are also controlled. 4, Meditation benefits your consciousness.

Can I meditate while lying down?

Meditation should always be done while sitting.

What is the good time to meditate?

Morning is considered the best time to meditate, if there is a lack of time, it can be done in the afternoon or evening as well.

Should you meditate with music?

There are many benefits of listening to music while meditating. Listening to music while meditating helps you to meditate. Soft or light music should be included while meditating.

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