Yoga Mudrasana (Psychic Union Pose) Steps & Benefits

What is yoga mudrasana?

Because of sitting in yoga posture in any stable asana like Padmasana, this asana is called Yoga Mudrasana. Yoga Mudrasana is a yoga asana that can help in improving your physical and mental health.  This asana is called “Yoga Mudrasana” in Hindi.  This asana is done sitting and has many important benefits.

This asana has many benefits.  Firstly, it helps in reducing mental stress and helps in achieving mental peace and harmony.  Apart from this, it helps in strengthening the stomach and improves digestion.

Practicing Yoga Mudrasana regularly improves your physical and mental health and helps you live a harmonious and happy life.  With meditation and support, Yoga Mudrasana can improve your life.

Steps of Yoga Mudrasana

♦ Spread a mat on a clean, flat and airy place and sit in Padmasana.

♦ Straighten your waist, back and neck.

♦ Take both the arms behind the waist.

♦ Adopt Gyan Mudra (joining the tip of index finger and thumb) with the right hand and hold the wrist of the right hand with the left hand.

♦ Take four-five long deep breaths and while exhaling, slowly bend forward from the waist and keep the stomach, chest and neck straight and rest the forehead on the ground.

♦ After stopping as much as possible, come back inhaling.

♦ Now change the position of the legs and repeat the same sequence.

♦ You can also do this asana while sitting in Vajrasana, the rest of the process will remain the same.  If you want, you can also apply Moolbandh.

Benefits of yoga mudrasana

Mental Peace: Yoga Mudrasana promotes meditation and provides mental peace.

Digestive Health: This asana improves digestive health and helps in keeping the intestines healthy.

Waist Strength: Yoga Mudrasana strengthens the back and waist muscles.

Physical Flexibility: Yoga Mudrasana promotes physical flexibility and reduces strain.

Relief from asthma: Practice of this asana is beneficial for asthma patients.

Blood Pressure Control: Yoga Mudrasana helps in controlling blood pressure.

♦ Help for conception: Practicing this asana helps in attempting conception.

♦ Balanced Mindset: Yoga Mudrasana balances your mindset and improves mental state.


1. Yoga Mudrasana is not suitable for patients suffering from high blood pressure, heart and headache.

2. On opening the outer Kumbhaka, slowly inhale and raise the head and sit straight.  Don’t hurry.

3. It is extremely important to observe the following precautions while performing Yoga mudrasana:

4. Make sure your stomach is empty, or you have eaten at least 2-3 hours before.

5. While doing Yoga mudrasana, take your breath in and out slowly and carefully.

6. If you feel pain or discomfort, immediately leave the asana and consult a physician.

7. Get up carefully and rest after Yoga mudrasana.


What are the benefits of Yoga Mudrasana

This is the best yoga asana for stomach and back. Illuminates the gastric fire. Relieves gas, indigestion and constipation etc. It is also beneficial in reducing diabetes by activating the pancreas. Yoga Mudrasana relieves stress.

How to do Yoga Mudrasana?

Sit in the first seat. Then join your hands behind your back and sit straight. Now press your brain in your lap and breathe comfortably.

Can everyone do Yoga Mudrasana?

Yes, but people who have back and knee problems should take special care. Yoga Mudrasana is not suitable for patients suffering from high blood pressure, heart and headache.

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