Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose)-Steps, Benefits & How to Do it

Bhadrasana (Gracious Pose)

Yoga is beneficial for solving all the problems at mental and physical level. By practicing yoga regularly, you can eliminate many diseases of the human body and can also increase mental stress and energy. For happiness and peace in life, along with a strong body, a strong mind is also required.

Experiencing the emotional body can make life easier and happier. Yoga has dozens of easy poses, divided by body position. In this article we will tell you what is Bhadraasana, the benefits of doing Bhadrasana, the right way to do it, method and precautions.

Bhadrasana, also known as Butterfly Pose, is a seated yoga pose that involves bringing the soles of your feet together and bending your knees outward. Doing this asana helps in opening the hips and waist, improving flexibility and stimulating the abdominal organs. This is a stabilizing and calming asana that is often used in yoga practice.

Turn both the heels and place them below the testicles. Hold both the thumbs towards the back like Padmasana. Position Jalandhara Bandha and look at the front of Nashik. This Bhadrasana cures all diseases.

How to do it?

While sitting in Vajrasana, keep the toes of both the feet together. Spread the knees as far apart as possible. The toes should remain in contact with the ground. Spread your heels so much that your buttocks rest on the floor between them. Increase the distance of the knees without any tension. Place your hands on your knees, palms facing down. When the body is in a state of happiness, then do nasal drishti (concentrate the vision and mind on the front part of the nose). When the eyes get tired, close them, open them again after some time and practice nasal vision. Bhadrasana is also a variation. In the position of Bhadrasana, hold the toes behind with your hands.

it’s another way-

Spread your legs in front and bend the right leg and keep the toe near the anus and the heel towards the navel. The heels will remain raised. Again, the left leg has to be bent in the same manner. The way we bring our legs closer to the body while practicing Artha Titli or Purna Titli. Both the soles remain connected, the situation is the same. Now you just have to lift the heels. Do not lift the body. You have to lift your heels and take your toes near the anus. Both knees will remain touching the ground. While practicing this Kriya also one has to apply Jalandhar Bandh and practice nasal drishti along with Jalandhar Bandh.

Breathing –

should be slow and rhythmic and the focus of breathing should be on the nostrils. For spiritual benefits, keep alertness at the foundation.


Do it for a longer period of time for spiritual benefits. If you are trying to make your legs flexible, then a few minutes of exercise every day is enough. If you experience any kind of stress, stop the practice.

Bhadrasana pose for female

Well, there are many benefits of Bhadrasana. But here the special benefits of this asana for women are being mentioned.

Regular practice of this asana makes delivery much easier. It is said that pregnant women who do this almost every day do not need surgery. It keeps the ovaries healthy and protects it from the problems of PCOS.

Benefits of Bhadrasana

♦ This asana is mainly for spiritual seekers, because just by coming into this position the Mooladhara Chakra starts getting stimulated. This is a great way to meditate.

♦ Thighs, knees, feet, and ankles become strong and powerful.

♦ Lust and vices are destroyed, hence it is easily helpful in spiritual progress.

♦ Diseases like hemorrhoids, scrotum, testicular enlargement, fistula etc. are cured.

♦ Benefits of Vajrasana are also available automatically.

♦ Helpful in the upliftment of Muladhara Chakra.

♦ Digestive problems go away and it is helpful in increasing appetite.

♦ Bhadrasana strengthens the lungs and helps in controlling breathing.

Who should avoid Bhadrasana?

1.) If you have problem of pain in knees then do not do this asana.

2.) If there is any kind of swelling, pain or strain in the stomach then do not do this asana.

3.) If there is a problem of back pain or there is any kind of tension, pain or strain in the waist while doing this asana, then do not do this asana.

4.) If you have neck pain problem then do not bend your neck while doing asana. Look ahead.

5.) High blood pressure patients should not practice Bhadrasana.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the aim of Bhadrasana?

The main objective of Bhadrasana is to improve physical health. It is helpful in strengthening the muscles of legs, thighs, and hips. Practicing this improves physical energy and increases stability in meditation.

What are the spritual benefits of Bhadrasana?

Practicing Bhadrasana provides spiritual benefits. This asana helps in mental peace, stability in meditation. Through Bhadrasana, the ability to meditate and meditate can increase, which can encourage spiritual experience.

In which position Bhadrasana is performed?

Bhadrasana is done sitting. In this asana, the asana is formed by opening the legs in front and placing them on the ground.

What are the physiological effects of Bhadrasana?

Practicing Bhadrasana can have many benefits for physical health. This asana mainly helps in strengthening the muscles of the legs, thighs, and hips, thereby increasing circulation in them. This also improves digestion.

What is the preparatory pose for Bhadrasana?

To prepare for Bhadrasana, first of all “Sukhasana” is a suitable preposition. Sitting in Sukhasana gives time to stabilize the physical and mental state, which makes it easier to perform Bhadrasana correctly.

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