Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)/Benefits/Steps

Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

While doing this asana, the sitting posture of the seeker becomes like the face of a cow.  (Knees turned towards the front and both legs spread as if they were the ears of a cow) That is why this asana has been named ‘Gomukhasana’.

Gomukhasana is a famous yoga asana which helps in improving physical and mental health.  In this asana, the whole body is stretched tightly, which benefits the muscles and helps in reducing body fat.  In addition, this asana promotes mental stability and focus.

How to do it?

♦ Keeping the spine straight, after sitting normally, attach the heel of the right foot (bent from the knee) to the left buttock.

♦ Now bend the left leg and put the left heel on the right buttock in such a way that the left knee comes above the right knee.

♦ Now bring the left hand (keeping the elbow towards the sky) between the back and the shoulders, and by moving the right hand from the waist towards the back (touching the back of the palm with the spine) the fingers of both the hands  entangle them together like a hook.

♦ Keep your gaze straight ahead.

Benefits of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

This is a great exercise for cooling down.  This is a simple exercise.  This makes the muscles stronger.  If practiced for 10 minutes or more, it removes fatigue, anxiety and tension.

This exercise is very useful for the lungs, for expanding the chest, as it expands the lung muscles.  When they expand, the capacity to breathe increases.  If there is any obstruction in the lungs – for example, many people have difficulty in breathing during cough, many people have difficulty in breathing during asthma or bronchitis or wheezing – then to overcome such problems and respiratory  Practice of this asana is useful for diseases.

It only has to be kept in mind that the breathing process should be from the stomach and not from the chest.  Sometimes we start breathing from the chest, or not well.  You have to inhale, expand your stomach, exhale, take your stomach in.

(1) It is beneficial for easy blood purification, blood circulation and urinary obstruction.

(2) It also provides relief in pain in waist and lower body parts.

(3) Gomukhasana is more beneficial for women.

(4) It provides immediate relief in arthritis, intestinal diseases, indigestion, metal disease, leucorrhoea, insomnia etc.

(5) The spine becomes straight, the chest becomes broad, the stiffness of the bonds of the body also goes away.

Precautions of Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

1. Keep the spine and neck straight.

2. Those seekers whose hands do not get entangled should do as much as possible. Gradually it becomes practice. 

3. Increase the practice of easy gradually. 

4. Patients of bloody piles should not take it easy.


This is a very good exercise for upper back and neck related pain, called ‘stiff neck’, spondylitis, ‘writer’s cramp’ (a lot of writing sometimes causes pain in the joints of the shoulders and hands), etc.  Especially very beneficial for spondylitis.  Sometimes the shoulders freeze, that is, the hand does not rise up, it hurts a lot.  The amount of calcium in the bones starts increasing.  Their crystallization begins.  When calcium crystals start forming in our joints, then moving any part causes prickling and severe pain.

This practice is also very helpful in its treatment.  Sometimes due to injury, there is a possibility of ‘spondylitis’ in the cut vertebrae located in the upper part of the spine.  If there is ‘spondylitis’ in the upper part, their cushion is removed from between two vertebrae, then this exercise helps a lot in normalizing the condition.  It removes stiffness in the legs and makes the muscles of the legs flexible.

Due to the pressure of the armpits, this exercise also affects the kidney.  If there is a kidney disorder or any kind of disease, this asana can also be practiced for its prevention and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of gomukhasana?

It helps in exercising the back and shoulders. It helps to flex the muscles of the hands and shoulders. Helps in reducing the pain of neck and shoulders. Helps in reducing belly fat. It helps in strengthening the airway. Can help with focus.

What disease cured by gomukhasana?

To control diabetes. For relief from stress and anxiety. By strengthening the kidneys, it cures polyuria. It is very beneficial for sciatica and joint pain. It makes the lungs strong. Beneficial for asthma patients.

Is gomukhasana good for obesity?

Yes, Gomukhasana is a good yoga asana which can prove to be helpful against obesity. This yoga asana helps in improving the digestive system of the body. And at the same time it is also helpful in reducing extra weight.

Is Gomukhasana used for Asthma?

Yes, Gomukhasana can be used for asthma. This yoga asana helps in strengthening the pulmonary system and improving the respiratory system.

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