Uttanpadasana (Rised leg Pose) Benefits & Steps

Uttanpadasana (Rised Leg Pose)

In Uttanpadasana, uttan means raised and pada means foot.  During this asana, the legs are raised upwards while lying on the back, hence it is called Uttanapadasana.  This is a very important yoga practice.  Performing this asana helps in reducing belly fat and strengthens the digestive system.

The practice of Uttanapadasana helps in getting rid of many problems related to the stomach.  The disease of chronic constipation is removed from the old and there is a lot of hunger.  This removes the complaint of sensation and pain in the feet.

How is Uttanpadasana (Raised leg Pose) done?

1. To start this yoga pose, lie down on your back and breathe normally.  Keep both your hands alongside your body with your palms facing down.

2. Inhale slowly and try to lift your leg off the floor.  Next, keep your legs straight at a 45-60 degree angle to the floor and your upper body parallel to the floor.

3. Stay in this position for some time. Due to this you will feel pressure in the lower abdomen.

4. If you want to do dynamic Uttanapadasana, keep moving your legs back and forth between 45 and 60 degree angles.

5. To leave this position, exhale and slowly lower your legs towards the floor.  Finally take a deep breath and relax.

Benefits of Uttanapadasana (Raised leg Pose)

Strengthens the abdominal muscles: Uttanapadasana strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps in reducing belly fat.

Improves Digestive System: This asana helps in improving the digestive system and helps your body to absorb nutrition properly.

Weight Management: Uttanapadasana helps in reducing excess weight and is helpful in reducing the fat around the waist and abdomen.

Strengthens the muscles of the legs: This asana strengthens the muscles of the legs and helps in reducing the stiffness of the legs.

Mental calmness: This asana provides mental calmness and helps in reducing stress.

Management of Diabetes: Uttanapadasana helps in controlling blood sugar levels and aids in the management of diabetes.

The disease of chronic constipation is removed from the old and there is a lot of hunger.

Many abdominal restrictions are destroyed.

The navel center which is the center of seventy two thousand pulses.  Uttan Padasana is the best to cure it.

By its practice, the navel region gets cured automatically.

If the navel is out of place, then by doing Uttan Padasana for five minutes, the fallen earth comes to its right place.

Precautions for Uttanpadasana (Raised leg Pose)

1. Back problems: Individuals with any back problems should consult a doctor before performing this asana.

2. Heart problem: Heart patients should take doctor’s advice before doing this asana.

3. Chest pain: If you have chest pain, do not do this asana.

4. Stomach Ulcers: Individuals suffering from stomach ulcers should avoid this asana.

5. If you are about to become a mother or are having menstruation then do not do mudra at all.

6. People who are suffering from diseases like slip disc and high blood pressure are advised not to practice it.

7. People with cervical spondylitis should not do this asana.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of uttanpadasana?

Strengthening abdominal muscles, Improving digestion, Toning leg muscles, Enhancing blood circulation, Reducing lower back pain, Enhancing flexibility, Calming the mind.

Who should not perform Uttanpadasana?

Pregnant women, People with hernia, Severe back or spinal issues, High blood pressure, Recent abdominal surgery, Neck issues, Injuries or chronic pain in the hips, knees, or ankles: If you have any acute injuries or chronic pain in these areas, it's best to avoid this pose or modify it to avoid further strain.

Is uttanpadasana used for kidney?

Yes, Uttanpadasana, or Leg Lifts, is believed to have some benefits for the kidneys. In yoga, certain poses are thought to have an impact on specific organs, and Uttanpadasana is considered to be beneficial for kidney health.Uttanpadasana involves lifting the legs, which can stimulate the abdominal region and improve blood circulation in that area. This increased blood flow can be beneficial for the kidneys, as it helps in detoxification and waste elimination.

What is the duration of Uttanpadasana?

For beginners, holding Uttanpadasana for 15 to 30 seconds is a good starting point. As you progress and build strength and flexibility, you can aim to hold the pose for 1 to 2 minutes or even longer.

What is the Uttanpadasana?

Uttanapadasana, also known as Raised Leg Pose or Extended Leg Pose, is a yoga asana that involves lifting and extending the legs while lying on your back. It is a beneficial pose for strengthening the abdominal muscles, improving digestion, and increasing flexibility in the legs.

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